Game Export Problems

I’m using the 2.42 pre-release Erwin gave us for the bullet contest. The game works perfectly through blender, but the exported runtime file crashes when I open in it. I opened up the file in blender 2.41 and exported it and it ran fine (just slower).

I put the runtime file in the blender directory, so it’s not dll problems I don’t think (unless those are flawed).

I’m using png UV textures via the materials. There is only a small amount of interaction via logic bricks. I’m not even using any physics, this is a simple character viewer. I just don’t know what is wrong.

One of your texture files might be corrupt. Resave it in PS (or whatever), and reload it from blender. This is one of the problems we encountered today.

I’m working my way backwards and have found out it has something to do with using the second texture channel mapped to the reflection coordinates. No clear answers though.

It definitely has something to do with material indices, but I can’t figure it out. Everything works in blender fine, but the export is when it gets all messed up.

yup. its definitely a bug. We’ve got the same problem.

Blender materials ON > multiple textures NO (it crashes the exe), multiple materials YES (doesnt crash). The runtime only crashes on NVIDIA cards, but runs fine on ATI cards. If you turn blender materails OFF, you will find that your runtime will not crash. Have you reported this bug?

I don’t know where or how to report the bug correctly.

What’s really strange is that if you use the demo files they gave us, the problem doesn’t seem to exist. For example, load the file with the girl sitting down then export that. Everything works fine.

So I’m not even sure what the problem is still.