Game exporting as run time error.

i have a game im trying to save or export as a runtime im using blender 2.57 and it comes up with an error with a bunch of giberis but at the end it says no permissions for this folder or something like that and i really need to beable to save my game as a runtime does anybody know whats going on?

More information will be helpful:

What platform?
Could you give use the exact error message/console output?
Do you get the error when trying to create a runtime, or when trying to run the newly created runtime?

If you’re on Linux, then your problem might be the one described here:

Do you have logged in as administrator?

sorry guys so ya im runny windows 7 32 bit and its when im trying to create the runtime it displays the error (screenshot below) and HG1 i think im logged on as admin im the only acount its just my pearsonal laptop.


No I think you are not logged in as administrator. Look at the penultimate line. there stand “writing: Premission denited”. Or someting else (virus scanner) blocks the writing.

I checked in my user account settings and it says im and administrator.

is there any thing else that would cause it from working?

what they mean is that whilst you may be an administrator account, you should start blender as an administrator.
Find the Blender EXE and right click it. Go to properties, and somewhere in a section like “compatability” the is a check box that says 'run as administrator. Check that, press ok and double click the exe. Now open and export to exe as normal.
That should work

ok ill try that thanks!

It works! thanks guys for your help!