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Game Expose2

Updated: 02 - November - 2004
update was: list games for the Game Expose2

Yes it’s right, afther a long time I volunteerd to make the Game Expose2 for 2005 and update it recently. The reason I created a new topic is, because people wheren’t really reacting on the message on the irc channel and the another game expose topic.

What’s the Game expose?
The game expose will be an sort of website where almost all Blender Game Projects are in. Telling what games are in progress, who’s creating it, screenshots and some info about the game itself, like gameplay and more. The reason I’ll do this, is because some people in here know that there are projects going on, but they don’t hear ofthen about it, so this could inform them that we are still using the game engine a lot. 2th Reason is to show the outside world what we can do with the game engine and keep people motivated.

How to add my project to the Game Expose pages?
Well if you want to be inside the Game Expose, you need to mail me the aditional info about your project to the e-mail address: [email protected]

What exactly do I need to mail you?
1st part:

  • mail me the project leader name, e-mail, and name of the project.
  • I’ll contact you about what to do.

2th part:

When I send you an e-mail, I’ll ask you some more advanced information about the project like:

  • name of the project
  • what exactly is the game, gameplay and story. (promotion part)
  • artwork (if possible)
  • screenshots (if possible)

3th part, only when the leader allows it:

If the project leader agrees, he could send me a viewable part of the project. Sort of Demo which I’ll play and record. This recorded movie will be first send to the leader to watch it and agree with the movie that will be integrated into the Blender Game Engine Trailer.
This trailer will be a part of the Blender game engine promotion on Blended Reality and if possible, even on
The Demo of the project I got (real blend file) Won’t be released to the outside world to play, unless the leader wants it.

Well I hope people want to be inside this and I’m looking forwards to see some past projects in the first Game Expose back. If you where inside the first Game Expose and you stopped developing that project, please send me an e-mail that you quit that prject. I’ll contact soon as possible why I’m asking that. :smiley:

Another important info, please don’t release any content that you send me for the Game Epose2. People will see this in the release of it and I want to keep it quiet secret until the release of Game Expose2.

I’m looking forwards to submissions :smiley: (however you call it)

Some projects I know that are in progress
The project I know that are still in progress. This list will be inside the Game Expose2. Project will be added in here.

  • Crescent Dawn (no info received yet)
  • Dracolith (no info received yet)
  • Vertigo (received submittion)
    I wait for more project submits

---- currently officially registerd by mail ----

  • Vertigo: The Surreal Odessey
  • The Zark Game
  • Zer0 Consequences
  • Lander
  • Oil War
  • Hellstation2
  • Mars Game
  • Legends of Physaellia
  • Terroist Clown’O
  • Tuttle Adventure
    ---- end ----

Greetz JD-Multi

MailED yoU

lol :smiley:

I’d like to see what projects people are working on… get inspiration

Well, I sent you an email a while ago, now I’m just waiting for you to get back to me about it! :wink:

Heres my entry:

Crescent Dawn

Best 3d blendergame screenshots ever.


Ok a few people already e-mailed me the following project submissions:

  • Vertigo
  • The Zark game

It’s comming closely to a good begin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best 3d blendergame screenshots ever.

But no demo released.

The Game Expose is meaned to a review on the game progress so far. Demo’s arn’t really a part of it, it depends on the team of the gameproject if a demo will be ever released or just screenshots or gameplay movies.

So no Beta’s or Demo’s in the Game Expose. If there is one it will be released suddenly. :smiley:

With incredibly realistic looking trees… %|

Usually I wouldn’t bother to comment, but every post you make lately is saturated with arrogence. There are graphically far better blender games out there in production.

Hopefully the expose will be written in a balanced manner to give equal coverage of a variety of projects. Looking forward to reading the results JD, and thankyou for undertaking this work for the community :slight_smile:

When I write the Game Expose I won’t give my feelings on what game I like more and which not. I do that to give a balanced coverage as Andy83 said. :slight_smile:

Best 3d blendergame screenshots ever

what a humble attitude…hope for your ego that it was a joke :smiley:

i think there is other games out there that looks better.
And why dont you just mail it like all the other people does? cant you read lol?


I think that this is a great idea JD-multi. I think that a forum like that is not appropriated to expose our games … i mean i cannot find easily topics that are in relation with new games development. With a kind of website like that, we’ll be able to get information easily about new games development. Also, it could help developpers to be know by other people. I think that information about blender games should be concentrated in a same point … and a website like that is the best for that.

I don’t post often because my english is mediocre, i’m french… nevertheless, i think that this is a great idea and that why i replied …

I hope that this project will have success !

Well, right now I’ve got only 2 projects that actually sended me an e-mail to be inside the Game Expose2.

This week (19-10-2004 until 26-10-2004,) I’m on holiday In Egypt on a Red Sea diving holiday. Peopl can still send me an e-mail. When I come back I’ll reply what you need to do. Afther end of November I’m closing the entries and will start on the creation of the new Game Expose.

See you until 26-10-2004

Greetz JD-Multi

:-? I wish I was doing something now, I miss the dracolith project ( I mean after all the work I put in ) bored stuck artist, that doesn’t know jack about programing, so nata gets done…


is no one else going to register to be in the expose? :frowning:

theres only 2 games that are going to be covered as of now…geez, this will almost feel like an advertisement for vertigo and the zark game unless we get atleast a few more people in…

i got some Games , but it is not at all finnished or anny screenshots/demo redy :frowning:

Mehbe i will send mine

I’ve also got some games in the works. Lol, the problem being games, working on 2 at the same time and I don’t have much spare time since school started. Hmm, there’s one where I’ve implemented some of the setup of the hero, but it’s no where near completion.

Hmm, there’s also something else I’ve finished, I just need a background and some good scenery and I think it can be released.

I’ve got information about my projects, but that’s about all I have, unless I somehow get a lot more time.

Jason Lin

It seams that some projects are stopped or something, and the another half doesn’t really react. Anyways I’ll contact them 1 time again, and otherwise I just do those 2 games and no another one. :-?

I need to talk to Blender_owl about getting some info and maybe screenshots together for the expose. As for a trailer/demo, hanzo we need you!