Game For DVD

Is it possible to put a game made in blender on a DVD and be able to play it with the DVD remote?

If you want to do it in the BGE: NO

The bge can only work on x86/PowerPC hardware, with (at least) OpenGL 1.3 capable hardware and a POSIX operating system (*nix/Windows), DVDs don’t fulfill that requirement… but you can prerender video in blender and do the game in another program.

What do you mean I can pre render and use in another game program?

On a similar note, is it possible to write a blender game to a CD for ease of use on other computers or otherwise running the game?

Haven’t you played DVD games? they are just pre-recorded video sequences and the game is to “choose” them to answer questions, or do some pretty limited actions, like 98% of the sega CD games. You can make those with a considerably powerful DVD creation software (nothing comes to my mind right now)

Ok, I’ll take that as a no then.

Yup. If you’re comfortable releasing the .blend (and there’s only 1), then just pack it and burn it to the CD (like any other filetype). Users will open up the CD (as a folder) and double click to open the file in blender, and then play.

If you’re distributing to people without blender, or don’t want the .blend released, then make an executable file (perhaps get help, so you can make executables for all oses) and burn them to the CD. For windows you will need to include 5 or 6 dlls on the CD (no install necesary, they just need to be in the same folder). I’m not sure about dependencies relating to executable [blender] files.

Edit: An easy and totally surefire way to test dependencies is to put the files intended for the CD on a flash drive and try that on another computer. That way you won’t burn through CDs so quick if you make a mistake and can’t re-write them.