Game Framerate Affects Player Speed UPBGE 3.0

When frame rate goes up and down, the player speed varies. Can I have acces to a value that gives me the physics/logic fps to solve the problem?
My goal is to: Get this value in real time, make a math and change player speed accordingly.

And maybe is there a way to fix this speed change besides this one above?

Hi you need restrict animation frame rate in setup game panel - this get for you constraint maximum frame, not possible up frames if in game somebody fall down you frames - change physics tic or logic tic not help for solution problems because frame rate fall down - high polygons, more count dynamic or rigid body in scene, or high texture resolution in objects or not apply modificators in objects - use occluders overlapping for split you rooms or location for camera not see more objects, use distance visible for camera and high distance objects hidden mist, if you use high texture resolution convert this texture in dds format this method make texture file small

Well, despite that I find the fps limit on Scene Properties tab and also I ended limiting physics steps to 24 fps, it indeed solves my problem.

Seems that 24 fps is a good amount, despite making my game a little bit clunky aspectwise…

If you use UPBGE you get more frames - just off vsync and samples assign 2X smoothing and assign more frames in panel restrict frame rate, i dont understand way vsync always on, its bad setup for new developers - because new developers really they think in UPBGE low frame rate