game genre question

what are the usual game genres that blenderheads create via GE? is it possible to create a RPG game using it? thanks in advance…

Blender games are usually in the First Person Shooters, Puzzle, Adventure or Racing genres.

Yes, it’s certainly possible to create an RPG (see Crescent Dawn), and it requires good knowledge of Python and Game Engine features to create the whole system.

thanks friday… our group in school is trying to create a simple rpg and we’ve got several months more to do it… i’ve been blendering for several months now, even though i’m far from mastering it, i think i got a hold of blender’s interface and i can follow tutorials with ease… thanks again dude… hope more people will post their views in this thread…

What exactly is your idea of a “simple RPG”?

RPG’s are not the easiest things to make even for advanced BGE game developers.

Think simple, like a remake of a classic with a twist.

Here’s how I see genres in Blender:

  • FPS: Popular, hard to code (mouselook/gun switch), many different theme possibilities
  • Racing: Easy to get started, place detemination programming is difficult, usually quite fun
  • RPG: Difficult in most aspects yet very satisfying to do
  • Puzzle: Simple, some trouble with “gridlock” but usually easy to code
  • Platformer: Hard to set up things to begin with but from there on usually quite easy

you could probably do something like an adventure rpg, maybe with an action battle system, but a turn based battle system, I think would be impossible, or very very very very hard at least

RPG’s are challenging, but not the most difficult type of game to make. I’ve made an rpg in blender before (like a city-life rpg, not a fantasy one). Remember to make everything very modular, so that you can create a basic new room/building in a matter of seconds. This made development a lot easier for me. I tried to reuse python code as much as possible.

Two of the hardest things for me are an inventory system and a system for entering/exiting rooms. It can be done though.

Don’t get discouraged!

thanks guys… though most of the posts aren’t very encouraging, i really have to take them all in… are there any tutorials out there with regards to python coding (maybe Game Engine or RPG specific)… thanks again…