game graphics progress.. screenshot included.

ok, some of you maybe know… working on some graphics for freedroid. I’ve show some stuff here before. we finally switched to isometric view, which makes my work a whole lot easier…
now working on the tilesets… here’s little something…

stasis field generator, terminal, some pilars, recharge station, and container box… :

well, tree :slight_smile:

fake screenshot… first tests I did in gimp, before engine supported isometric view… tried to convince the coders and myself that it will look nice :slight_smile:

actual screenshot, this is what it looks like now:


Hm, very good, professional.

Very nice :slight_smile:


Looks very nice. No crits.


Woah! Really cool. Looks like an addicting game.

Nice work

Nick V

It kinda reminds me of The Sims…

fps 15?!? :o

the game and graphics look good… are the characters gonna hava shadows?

wooooooow! for a game, that looks pretty cool, hope it works out ok!

coo i wanna play! LoL

err… how’d ya do the tree?

well it would be interesting to hear how you did the tree… willing to share the knowledge?

:slight_smile: thanks all…

jeeves: sims?? heh…

crazymopho: developement stage… it’s going to raise., I hope. also, shadows will be there… eventually.

dmbadcat: me too… lot of work people have put in this. the tree is very simple, started out of cube, extruded me way to the branches and then turned on subsurf. after that, three different colored planes shaped like leaf… copied many of those around… I can supply the blend file later on… afterall, many of these models will be downloadable from the freedroid CVS anyways… :slight_smile:



well that’s kinda cool…- thanks for the knowledge yet again!

wow, that reminds me a lot of twinsens oddysee

very cool

This stuff is seriously sweet Basse! The models you made above look excellent :smiley:

I really wanna play that game! Smerity pauses all downloads and looks for the last working copy on the CVS And I love isometric games :smiley: You just can’t get the same quality in realtime 3D as u do isometric :slight_smile:

The models above all fit into each other’s style well, and look ultimately really cool :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t mind a dud play around scene with those in there (remove the bases of couse =P)

Keep going basse, this stuff is SWEET! :smiley:

I like your stile