Game graphics questions

I have a great idea for a space game in blender and I have a few questions about graphics. I would like to know how I could go about producing fake atmospheric scattering, add bloom to a black & white texture for things like lava or lights, dof to make planets look far away, add motion blur for asteroids or ships and of course god rays. Links or input would be very helpful or maybe an examination of some pre existing code floating around would be great!

If I get something working I will post some screens and a blend of the setup.

All of those things would be accomplished by using custom 2D filters.

2D Filter Actuators

If you search around the forums (specifically the Resources forum), you can find a plethora of custom 2D scripts that probably do everything you have listed there.

Since you have no game to apply them to though (OP suggests the game is still in the concept stage), you have little need for any of this. Worry about making a good game first. Then make it look pretty :slight_smile: