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Ok…so I’m trying to make a very simple maze game where the cam is the character.So then it’s like a flythrough.I followed the 2 level maze tutorial but I need 2.25.I wanna make the game in 2.40 if possible.Is there a way where can get the uparrow key to do a shift f forwards???And all the other arrow keys to do a shift f back,left and right???
If so how,also is there a better way to do this???

Hmmm . . .

Not sure what you mean by “shift f”. You mean the keys? What do you want it to do?

I don’t understand the question

you could start by rephrasing the question

Ok, so is there a way to make the camera be the character in a maze game???Now what I meant by shift-f was, go into object mode, then camera view and click shift-f, then click LMB to go faster and MMB to go slower and reverse,to turn just move the mouse. Would there be a way to make the uparrow shift-f forwards???

Okay, so I tried by myself, I did all the shift-f stuff and then went to the logic buttons and made the IPO’s and all that stuff but then when I when I pressed P and tried by pressing uparrow and left arrow It just went to where I put the locrot for that key! How can I make it so that the arrow keys make the camera go the way I want them to???


%| Hmm if I understand you correctly…

shift - f allows you to enter fly by or fly through mode, however you want to put it. It allows you to preview the level. By no means do I think the GE is active at that time. (You just fly around in camera mode looking at things) I could be wrong though…

When you press ‘p’ that’s when you enter actual game mode. Just look at the camera setup in the walkthrough from blender (well if it’s still around). In your case you’d have to make the camera an actor and apply either dRot, dLoc, linV, or angV to the actor camera. If you’re using force in 2.4 that won’t work because it’s not enabled yet. :wink: I’m assuming you know about sensors, controllers, and actuators (game logic brick system).

Jason Lin

Yes! Some one understands! That was what I was trying to do.Well all I was doing was flying forwards, then going locrot, then adding a keyboard sensor, uparrow, then the AND controller and then for actuators going IPO and then putting the start and finish frames in. But what happened was that when I pressed uparrow it just went to the end frame, same with all the other keys.

Is there a way I can fix this.

P.S. Also would force work in 2.37???

How do I do that???Also what do those do???

select the camera, go into logic buttons and click actor

K, I have the left and right steering worked out using the drot thing. Now for going forwords I tried all the other ones and none of them worked.

I dont know if it will matter but my speed for going right is 20.00 and for left it is -20.00. Maybe my speed is what’s wrong.

:smiley: Ok, hehe it seems I assumed wrong. You might want to take a look at this blender GE document that explains most of the logic bricks in pretty good detail.

Jason Lin

It didn’t work