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As a school project,a friend and I have made a walkthrough demo. We aren’t very far, but we have run into a hang-up. From where the camera starts, walk towards the house. You shouldn’t be able to get in easily. Also, once you are in, there seems to be an invisible wall that is impassible. Around the house there seems to be another invisible barrier. If anyone could help with this it’d much appreciated. If it comes to it, could someoen rig a good FPS control system or let me know how to do it? Normally, I wouldn’t ask other people to do that work, but we have next to no time left to finish it. Please help!

Yo, I looked at your file and man, I don’t know what’s going on there. I wish I could help you, but I don’t have a clue.

Alt+H and mabye there is a hidden plane.

Here Is A Mouselook Script I Made

scabootssca: your link just brings me strait back to this thread

Please help! I really need it!

I would help, but SaveFile is having tech probs or something, so i cannot DL it…

Use the “walkthrough template” up on blenders site:

It was initially for 2.25, but it should work just fine with any other blender version (assuming that you are using sumo physics).

It is the best setup for a walkthrough, bar none.

^ should work

thanks sca! Thank is an excelent script. I rigged it so you could move as well. Hope you don’t mind. However, my issue is really the barrier, since the mouse look works well, though I think I’ll append sca’s rig. But the barrier is a serious issue. Especially since we’ll be presenting this in front of folks (most of the faculty). Thanks in advance! I hate to keep posting, but it’s important.