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I want a free webspace or webpage hosting website that allows direct linking, file sizes of at least 10 MB, and at least 300 MB monthly bandwidth. Anyone know of a hosting website like this??? :expressionless:

on you can upload files up to 20 mb I think but that is all your webspace :wink: .
Thats the best place I know about

Yes, but Angelfire does not allow direct linking to files. I tried it with them and they kicked me out.

These are all the places I’ve tried: angelfire, geocities, tripod, and 50free. I use freewebs, for my site, but their file downloads are REAAALLLY slow, so I can’t use them.

nevermind, I found out how to split up files using win rar.

Check this out.

I hear that it is pretty good

Yeah, but listen to this in their policy:
They disallow:

• Files larger than one (1) MB (with the exception of MS Access Databases -.MDBs)
• .exe, .cmd, .bat, .mov, .avi, .mp3, .wav, .rm, .ram, .rmx, .asf, .wmf, .wmp, .wma files of any size and audio files

And I’m looking for a website that allows uploads of at least 10 MB

all servers now are crap.just when i thought i found a good one,suddenly i can’t upload big files.they are all useless. :x

Yeah, well I found out how to get angelfire to work. How to bypass direct linking. Here’s how:

  • Create an angelfire account
  • upload a download page to their server
  • link your download page to this new download page
  • link the new download page to the file

that way, it’s not direct linking to a file from another site, it’s direct linking to a web page from another site, and direct linking from the same site! (They don’t give you problems about this.) :smiley:

did anyone understand that? :-?

Yep, I understand. I also tried that. I works, but when I set the word on mine webpage “this websites functions as file liberary” they kicked me. :slight_smile: Now I use my providers home page. Without banners, or any adds, it’s all clean. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you use? I use angelfire, and it’s loaded to the brim with ads. :frowning:

Tiscali and Hetnet as provider, and they provide webhosting without any adds or whatever. But for so far I know, these providers are only avalible in The Netherlands. :slight_smile:

Oh. :frowning: Too bad :expressionless:

please if it is so important to you why not pay a few bucks a month for decent hosting?

25 megs
ftp access
direct linking
no size secified on limit to upload other then 25 megs

1 gig of bandwidth per month

all free

Netfirms is only a 30 day trial.

Your off:

“FREE Website Starter CD (30 Day Trial Only*)”

Ideal for any new user testing the waters of the web publishing world, this free plan has all you need to get started.

FREE Website Starter CD (30 Day Trial Only*)
25 MB of Disk Space
1 GB Monthly Data Transfer
1 WebMail Account (with Domain Name)
Optional Free Sub-domain (
Microsoft FrontPage Exts. & Perl (CGI-Bin)
24/7 FTP Access
Technical Support via E-mail

Basic Hosting Benefits

Basic Plan Limitations:

  • The Netfirms Website Starter CD includes a full version of NetObjects Fusion. This software will expire after 30 days of use. For most people this is more than enough time to build a Website. However if you would like to unlock NetObjects after 30 days you can upgrade to one of our premium hosting plans.

Thats the starrer cd not the rest of it…

If you are wlling to pay $5 a month i can set u up with some pretty good webhosting.