Game idea -- opinions please

I’m new to the blneder and have been doing the tut’s so I’m getting better
at it. As a learning tool, I need a project, being a project oriented kind
og guy, so I thought of the following:
A picture puzzle that opens with pieces of a broken up image,
randomly placed on surfaces. The user clicks a piece, then clicks another
and the two pieces swap places. This continues until all the pieces are in
the right place to show the original picture.

In a effort to prevent me from spending hours and hours learning things,
Does this sound possible using the blender game engine? As I see it, it
requires changing textures on surfaces, probablay via python, on mouse
command, which is fine with me.

Would it be better to use UVtexture mapping or load the image pieces as
textures and change them as needed?

I have already written a perl script to break up an image into smaller
parts, per a grid. If I make surfaces to match the grid, I should be able
to re-create the picture in blender, on multiple surfaces.

If this actually works, and I can get python to call perl scripts, it
would allow you to do your own pictures insead of pre-made ones.

Am I trying to do something impossible? Please save me the trouble if
that’s the case. I’m waiting for version 2.26 to include the game engine
so I have lots of time to think about to do this.

If this has already been done, would some kind soul tell me where I can
see it

What you’re doing sounds an awful lot like the puzzle games in Banjo-tooie (sequil of Banjo-kazooie) by Rare. What you’re doing also sounds an awful lot like it would be rather jerkey, what with the pieces just suddenly switching. You could have an animation that would have the pieces of puzzle fly up into midair and switch places. As for the other questions, sorry; can’t help 'ya.

Thanks for the reply greg. The idea is not original, except maybe doing it in blender. I seen something like it in Pandoras Box from $icrosoft a few years ago.

I’m not sure blender is up to it and hope someone can tell me yea or nay about textue swaping with python. I’m just looking for a python project that is do-able. Something to learn with.

Thanks again


look in the game engine forum for a “sys.blend” file from BlendedHKU, or similar. In that, there are some helpful UV texture python scripts.

There are many ways to do what you propose in Blender, so I would suggest you try it!


___Thanks much Tom. All I needed was for somebody to say I wasn’t crazy or stupid and I’m off. I’ll checkout the sys.blend asap.