game idea

So, i’m throwing ideas around in my head, about some sort of two player coop episode based game. Based in puzzles, so each level is a puzzle. It would consist of a unique multiplayer puzzle mechanic.

anyways that’s my idea, I was wondering what you all think of it, would it be fun? would it keep the player coming back for each new episode?

each level would be pretty big, almost like a small habitat or environment, that you have to get past with the other player. Along with this I would have a voice/character that talks to you and what not to kinda progress the story.

The idea is a bit vague but sounds interesting so far. One thing that I like in coop games is levels that are impossible if you are alone.
Episodic systems work if your episodes are regular and offer good value/cost ratio. Are you thinking about SWAP 2 or something new ?

No it will be a different game, kinda the same look but. I’m thinking low cost episodes like a dollar or two.

Me to, those are the very clever levels.

Want to join my project? I am doing this in my game, but I was going to wait until I was further along to mess with the “AI team”
that can follow you can carry “components” as well as fight, these ai’s could easily be a multi-player socket as well,

check out Wrecktified, in team projects,
if not, I will help you all I can any way,
but I already have a fairly interesting game-play concept,
and I was going with AD-based revenue with a % going to BGE dev’s

let me know,

Thanks for your offer, I would have to say no for now but. So your doing the episode based thing to?

Kinda, maps are made of “chunks” and components,
the game will be free however, but there will be ad’s in each splash screen,

the “game” will be editable by the community, except the ad server,

Imagine if portal minecraft and a lego inventors kit had a baby,

it’s name is wrecktified,

aw, okay, cool

Well, if you need any help with a system, or code or anything, let me know, I am busy working on this project, however many of the problems I face require more thought then code,

I have some stuff lying around, and would like to see more growth in the team projects section,

I sent him a message about my game and he did not respond to me anymore.So i don’t know what he is trying to do.

hey, 3d solar system builder: I did not get your msg, let me check my inbox, sorry about that :slight_smile:

EDIT: So ya I didn’t get your msg, it was me you were talking about right??

I was talking about Blueprintrandom.

I am sorry I have not gotten back to you 3d solar,
I will append together your game, I am easily distracted…

my issue, is your chunks of file are distributed through my inbox, separated by 15-20 messages each (I use pm to chat)

Do you have a google drive or drop box etc?

it makes this much easier, Is it only pieces A-D? I think I may have it all,
Pm me next time lol

Like Josip said, the idea is very vague, but the core concept of playing a co-op puzzle is sound. Also, a larger environment sounds interesting, as well. I’d like to see some natural puzzles. The Portal-esque style you had with Swap was good, but it takes a lot of tweaking to really get it looking unique. Try adding some more heft to the puzzles - make them based around real rooms or concepts (i.e. a clock tower, an office building, a computer, etc).

@Sol ya that’s a good idea, like more familiar environments? I was thinking like a old mansion that is protected by all these death traps (puzzles)

Build bricks and boards, that have a vertex hook on one end for stretching, and LOD them all, :slight_smile:
build your maps in minutes,

is there any easy way to fill a length with a array? (like drag a line and click initiate, and it makes a brick wall X height along the line?

I have been thinking a real time map making game, for exporting to other engines, or other blender games would be cool,

That is a cool idea, kinda of hard to do with a story(ish) type of game though. Because you cant control the layout of the maps.

So I was thinking, a puzzle type game wouldn’t lend itself to episodes, not unless there was some sort of deep story mixed with it.

I have a story, I have some characters, I have gameplay and am working on modular LOD “chunks” to build buildings etc, to save on polygons…

So, It’s 400ish years in the future, a robot called “the creator” is dispatched to solve the problems of immortality and efficiency of life, so balancing innovation, resources and an infinite life span, these are all conflicting goals, but the robot found a solution none the less, he began “scanning” and then “vaporizing” everyone, and moving there consciousness into a VR world, some people in the sim don’t even know that it happened at all,

You however are the descendant of a group of people that tried to flee to the stars, during your ancestors launch, a ion cannon ripped a large whole through the cockpit of the ship, without a control system the ship floated for 70 years in orbit, until gravity brought it back in, as the ship re-entered emergancy retro rockets turned on, slowing the ship, but not enough, so as it came to land, it melted it’s way into the earth… this is where we start…


You could split the story in chapters like a book, and the story could be about someone going around the world and trying to solve puzzles in ancient buildings, while avoiding ancient traps. So each episode/chapter could have a unique setting, a new country or building but the core mechanic would always be the same.

@BluePrintRandom Awesome story! I love the part about the VR world, however its kind of a big environment or world to take on, as I dont have a huge time frame in witch to do the game, but if I did I would love to do your story idea.

@Josip I like your idea to, but again the only thing is its too big of a project or two big of worlds that I don’t have time to make. Unless your talking like smaller scale?