Game Ideas For PC Only

Here is my best game idea so far. There are so many games that are console exclusives and those games will never be released for PC , so lets remake something like HALO4 or HALO5 for PC only.

Wouldn’t a remake of a console game negate the whole “PC only” thing?

I think you are missing the point. We could make some serious money doing nothing else other than porting/remaking all the consoles exclusives to/for the PC. You probably didn’t notice this small tiny detail but there is no HALO4 for the PC or MAC or Linux.

But how do you plan to secure the right to produce those games and sell them without Microsoft suing the pants off of you? There is serious money here, but its not like you can just start selling someone else’s IP without a legal nightmare. Especially for someone as well known as Microsoft.

Good point, Captain Andrew. These games would have to be distributed for free for risk of breaking copyright law. And maybe not even at all. And with a game like HALO, you’ll be making money and then losing it within the quarter.

This thread is fail.

This thread is just fail.

Instead of just copying a game (Doom>Quake>Halo “cough…cough”) start small and actually spend 6 months-1 year making a game.

We could make some serious money doing nothing else other than porting/remaking all the consoles exclusives to/for the PC.

You have a lot to learn about life and business, my friend.

It is an interesting idea in that it makes you think about what makes a “next-gen” game “next-gen” and where the barrier lies for micro-teams that would like to create one of those games.
Sparing you the lucubrations, I think the real problem is the asset pack: models, animations, sound effects, ui elements…
That’s the wall you hit at full speed because there is no way to speed up things for free.
You can have freely available, quality graphic engine, sound engine, physic and development platforms but there are no freely available assets pack and producing them is a time consuming task.

Beautiful stuff but the problem is that, for a high end project, you need assets that are consistent with the game you want to create and they must also be original. I could totally use those premade assets for the spare-time game I’m making but I wouldn’t even consider it if I were to release something commercially serious (I’d hire the artist that made them instead).
Imagine if Gears of War 2 had half the assets taken from Doom 3 and half from Dead Space.
Yes, there is all the stuff you need but the result is not on the same level of a proper commercial game - which is what we’re talking about here, or so I suppose.

no offense, but there is so much wrong in this sentence.
first of all game creation is not all about making “serious money”. “doing nothing else than porting/remaking all the console exclusives” will cost you literally billions of dollars - all the legal stuff, copyrights etc. not talking about recruiting a team of thousands to hire for few decades to do something that someone has done already. so not much profit there left and the idea of it does not make any sense.
You can rather take a look at creating a console emulator for PC, this will probably cost you a little less.

hi my name is peng. and i got some idea for a gmae like helo .
In the past, there was a war between humans and demons before the evolution of the world and with one of the ways humans win the war and exiled the demons into space through a gate was shut down . the Devils want to turn the whole world to them through the corridor Hidden by the king who exiled theme . They call this corridor gate light, and after centuries humans have forgotten the exiles and thy have returned to take what is theirs
i wanted to make a game like helo with idea but I mess a lot in the field I play designed models and know a little bit about the logic of Games. hope you like it