Game Installer for BGE 2.79b Project

Hi everyone! I have a game finished with different blends, and the exe is working properly in other computers. Friends that don’t have Blender successfully played it with no trouble, but of course, anybody with the game will be able to download Blender and enter the files.

I don’t care about people finding out my methods or copying systems - this is actually a great method for learning! But I don’t want any curious ones to spoil themselves the story just because of entering a blend. So, is there a way to create an “installer” for the game, so that nobody can have access to the blends?

I’m 100% sure this has already been asked here, but I can’t find the right combination of words for finding the topic I’m looking for. Also something I’m concerned about is that my game uses scripts for saving and loading, and it creates a notepad txt file with the saved properties in it. I don’t know if this feature might mean trouble after creating the installer. Any thoughts about it?

Thank you all for your time!!

Joel made a tool for this, right? Yes he did. It’s right here:

Unless I’m misunderstanding the purpose of the project, it’s intended to obsfuscate your source and data files, including *.blend.

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Thanks for that!!