Game Jolt high scores API

Recently I’ve been looking for some where to publish my games to get a bit more exposure.
The finished games forum is great, but it’s usually pretty empty. There’s not much chance to get any feedback about the games, and not many people download and play the games we’ve spent so much time developing.

I’m not going to get my games on steam any time soon, so I need something a little more indie.

Right now I’m trying gamejolt. (I won’t post a link because this is not a gamejolt forum, you can find it easily using Google). Today I’m working on adding the ability to publish high scores from a blender game on to GameJolt, and adding trophies. It’s going pretty well so far, they have a python API you can just download and put right in your game.

Anyone else using the site? I want to add some Blender Game Engine users as friends… :slight_smile:
If you need any help getting the achievements and high score system running on your game, just PM me or ask here.

p.s. @Moderators, is it OK to post about an external site here? I’m not linking to it, and it’s just a way of getting our games out in to the wider world, not a competitor to BGE.

Cool, I agree with you.
Good luck with it!
If my game project finishes I might consider to do the same and I would also like that achievements system.

I got the high scores thing working, and added some trophies for the game too. I couldn’t get quickplay to work with my game, but I couldn’t get it working with anyone elses either so I don’t think that’s a problem with blender.

It’s a nice place to publish games. All the screen shots and videos are there for anyone to see and the stats and layout is cool.

It hasn’t really given me any extra exposure though since it’s always the same popular games presented on the main site. I couldn’t find my game without knowing where to look.

Could you tell me your games?:slight_smile:

Oook, I couldn’t find the game. But I don’t think that going Steam would be any better in therm of visibility. I mean, the amount of available stuff is so big that one can’t but publish and cross his fingers. I wonder how many wonderful games lies hidden in the sea of internet. Btw I love all games because I can’t but appreciate the efforts put in them by their developers but my god there’s some real junk on that gamejolt :D.

In my opinion - publishing in multiple sites/platforms will just come good to your popularity and the games will have more reviews:)

Smoking_mirror, could you make tutorial on using this?

Sure. It was pretty easy in the end. One of the more difficult things is how to enter the player’s user name and id key.
I was disapointed not to find that many games there that used the system though. As well as the high scores and trophies you can also store saved games there so that by logging in you can load your saved game on any computer.

Just posted it in the resources forum. Hope it’s not too difficult to follow.

What is the name of the videogame you put on gamejolt?

I do not see a problem with that. You are not explicit advertising that service and you do not flood the forum. You help others with their workflow feature that needs support that Blender does not offer. I think there is an high interest within this community towards this topic. (You proofed already you are not here for spamming :D)

I do not even see a problem if you put in a link.

He put CrazyBombNinja. Find him there under name pickledtezcat(the same as his youtube name).

Crazybombninja is for windows3.If that is what he is saying in the releases paragraph. I have windows 8.

It doesn’t matter at all what Windows version you have, I can run it on Linux using Wine. However, I guess it is meant Windows 32-bit.

Hey, will this work?


EDIT: Sorry, wrong thread.:smiley:

I have windows 8 as well.
The version number is for the game. It’s now version 3, having had a lot of changes since more people have played and tested it.

Hereis the game I made for BGMC16, and hereis the game I made for BGMC14.

I have one more finished game that I haven’t posted, but that’s from my old 2.49b days so I don’t know if I can get the API working with it since 2.49a used Python 2.x. Maybe I’ll post it anyway.

You’ll want to run the API requests in a separate thread, to avoid blocking the gameloop (http requests can take (at worst) seconds to complete, which is much greater than the 16ms allowed for a single game frame.

do you have any tutorial about using separate threads? It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but couldn’t find anything on it.
oh wait. I found it. :slight_smile: