Game kinda freezes

Okay, It’s been like this since I got a new laptop. I tried to work on my game, but for some reason I get this thing shown in the video. Nothing moves. I can exit game engine sim just fine. Also, other games I downloaded from here works. I been editing my robo game with a portable blender called X-Blender 2.49. Even games i loaded with it works, but my game. I can edit my game on ANY other pc other than mine. It kinda sux to have your school’s pc to be the only ones available for me to work on my game. The only option I have is to start over :frowning:
I thought at first it’d be my video card, but then again I can play other blender games just fine, and i can also play ones i started over. The game I made started at 2.48. When I loaded it in 2.49 on my old laptop it worked so i use 2.49 on it.

Anyways, here is a Youtube Video of it.

I thought it froze, but as you can see on the top left of the window, I showed a variable called fram. fram indicates the frame number the “shooting” animation of the robot. You can see fram changes, yet nothing animates, moves and etc.

What does the console window say?

the usual, blender game started…blender game ended.