Game Launcher?

i have been confused on choosing which is the best method of making
a game launcher for a game that i am working on for kids:eek:.
i need to make a game launcher for that and i have two choices namely,
visual basic and visual c++ [both i know, vb better maybe],
but i doubt which will work more effortlessly on other systems which doesn’t has vs installed.
Can i redistribute the dependency .dll files?
Has anyone done similar before?

Does anyone know how to make a game-launcher on linux?

Well, if you want that launcher to be multiplatform, you could use c++ with NetBeans or Code::Blocks as development enviroment, MinGW as compiler and SDL as graphics and events library. Then you can compile same code under Windows, Linux and possibly MacOS(havent tested this one).

If you want to speed things up a little bit, you could also use QT for graphics but expect bigger size of compiled application. However, I may be wrong because I have very little experience with QT.

I’m using TkInter for Wizzardz.
It comes with python, so dependencies aren’t really an issue.

Thanks Guys, i’ll check it out.:slight_smile:

You could do it also with simple HTML and PHP
or why not with Blender??

You can use NeoBook 5 , it’s a simple software that uses c++ but only for all persons , is really easy to use and you can make a really good game launcher with auto-update options , you only need to look the software and you fastly learn to use it.

Good look :wink:

@nickdiesel The thing is, i want to exploit certain features offered by an executable like icon and pass some arguments to blenderplayer. Ofcourse it is possible to make an ingame menu-system, but for this i am definitely looking for an external way of making a game launcher. thanks for the suggestion .

Yes. i’ll try out NeoBook 5. Seems to be a good alternative. Cool

Thanks all.