Game Level Design: Fighting Pit

Since i’m supposed to create a portfolio of all my work pretty soon i decided i would start looking into level design. I started small and made a little fighters pit, surrounded by pillars with a death pit in the middle. This is only a wip and still needs tons of work, but what do you think??

Fighters Pit: Un-textured

Fighters Pit: Textured

Fighters Pit With Floor

My level with titans positioned on the pillars. What would be the best way to position them on the pillars facing inwards towards the pit since the array tool didn’t really work for me?
Also what do you think of my low poly man, who happens to be a stone version of this model!

Good start. You could try adding some texture variation to the whole level. Everything seems to look the same right now.
Also, I can just feel that the shoulder area on your human is done wrong. A wire render would be good.