Game level editor ?

I’m working on a game using unity 3d engine. Now, I looking for a way to build a level and places faster and easier. I hear that blender have some add-on that can make it. I found one call “Level Buddy”. It’s good but is there any thing similar or better than this one ?

Thank you

Please refer to here

I think blender community will help me more than unity forum.

You could try exporting your levels as .obj files and then importing your levels into unity. Other than that, I can’t help you. We’re blender people, not unity people. If you need help with unity stuff, go to the unity forums.

I’m not talking about export to unity engine. I’m asking about add-on help to make game levels on blender easier. I hear about this one “Level Buddy” is there any thing similar to this add-on ?

You will need an add-on that produces data to be used in unity. maybe some unity user wrote such an add-on. I can’t tell.

For Blender Game Engine games you use Blender as is to work as level editor. It is more a question of how to organize the assets.

I don’t think there’s a better add-on than that one, or if there is, I don’t think it is out yet.

Hmmmmm… What exactly do you mean when you say “build a level”? Do you mean create the models?

Building levels in Unity can be really fast if you use prefabs. But you probably need more detail than what those can provide? Could you tell us more about your project? It is difficult to advise without more information.

One thing I can say for certain though; if you learn to make models in Blender, you wont regret it.

A level editor requires that the editor knows about the business of the game. Otherwise you can easily create invalid levels. This means the editor is specific for your own game.

You will not find an add-on unless you create it by yourself.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I’m working of a project about old nations. I’m working now on “mexican pyramid” then Egypt and so on. I can make all kind of pyramids. But before I transfer all my models to unity I have to make the level ready on blender. Roads start and end. trees, rocks, Hidden places and so on. This map I’m work on.

“Level Buddy” give me good things, like control the size of rooms hight or short. Make roads quickly. It shows me as designer what is wrong and need to correct it. Fix things or modify models. On unity I will do nothing except put the models and textures and done.

That’s way I’m asking about add-on can help me with this.

Yes, you right.
Thank you Monster.