Game Levels

K so curently i have a simple scene set up with a menu and you can click on three diffrent spots to go to three diffrent levels but right now how i have it loading the levels is on the buttons on the menu each as mouse over and mouse left button click and it it has a actuator that loads the level from a .blend file. but what i was wondering is, is this the correct way to do it and if it is when im finished with the game how do i pack all the levels together with out having the .blend files in the install folder.
Another thought i had was are you supposed to do the levels by scenes? i can see this being a little cpu intensive thow.

scenes would be a solution. the scenes get load if u open one, not at startup, so i t would not be problem, if they are not running simultaniously.

so that would be the better way or is it better to load the levels them self.

Be aware: Everything in the application file is GPL.

If you pack everything in one file all your data is GPL!
So it would be better to deliver separate .blend files so you can have your own license on it.

Keep in mind, you need to deliver all the *.dll anyway (for windows).

Beside that it depends on your needs if oyu want to switch files or scenes.

scenes file comparisation:
= one file

  • might be large

= multiple files

  • no filename verification
  • files might not be found
  • easy to replace one file for update/bugfixing
  • easy to add more files for new levels (new level files + updated main file)


  • easy to share objects, groups and data within multiple scenes
  • objects, groups and data can be linked from other files

You can even use a mix of scenes and blends. It is up to you. There is no right or wrong.
As you seem to be a beginner I suggest to use scenes first. You can switch to blends later.


Well right now i have the .blends working in i kinda want to it that way because when i publish my game i dont want it under gpl license anyways how would you go about including the .blend files with the final game exe/runtime will the runtime still beable to open the blend files?

You include a simple blend file. It’s only purpose is to open and play your blend file with the game actuator (just one object with 3 logic bricks and maybe a loading screen [the texture can be external ;)]). With that you wouldn’t care that the little blendfile is GPL.

Then you get:

Game folder/

  • game.exe (incl. the start.blend) is GPL
  • *.dll is Non-GPL

simplest way:
your.blend (including your complete gamedata) Non-GPL

your folder structure with all your blend files [non-gpl] e.g.:





You can pack everything into one blend file or everything in external files or anything inbetween. It is your choice.

Ok thanks!