Game lighting bug

I’m running into a large problem while making my game-Instead of using a flashlight as a light source, my game just shows the main texture colours. Does anyone know how to make a survival-horror style lighting effect with a flashlight? Thanks!

Actually, I fixed the above problem, but am running into a new one- the light is only cast on some surfaces, and is pitch black on others. I think it’s the fallout, but I don’t know how to fix it. Any advice?

an image would be useful to help us help you

If you want help you really need to post questions correctly. You need to give as much information as possible including screenshots, blend file, any other relevant. This aids other users who may wish to help you not waste their time by nbot correctly understanding what is not working correctly and to speed up finding a solution.
If faces aren’t being lighted are their face normals facing the correct way ?