Game lighting?

How is Blender game lighted? What types of light? As I under stand it, real time lighting with shadow can be CPU intensive especially when camera view moves around.

the GE uses the same lights as “normal” Blender ( more or less)
Only the “Spotlight” type can cast real-time shadows!
If you only assign “dynamic shadows” to your main character, for example, the “load” it’ll be not that heavy!

Gosh straight to the point OTO, I say the same if you look for the 3 point light , theres a tutorial by Jonathan williamson. set up lighting for a scene which is handy using cool lamps and warm lamps …giving that extra realism in renders and in shade mode.

Ok so that is why some of the Blender light has no shadows. Do Radiosity render come into play at all with Game engine? I am wandering about the background objects and setting.

Here’s a little old tut about “radiosity”’, if you bother to check:

I am testing radiosity now. And it is coming along until this image. I made real reflective ball. Radiosity really kills it. What is going on here? The ball should be reflecting all over you know. Anyway its one thing to be able to render with radiosity, but how do you use it in a game? Do you need to render first than play?


Radiosity in games is baked into Lightmaps or vertex color data. In a good majority of games, all ‘static’ lighting is baked in order to greatly reduce the number of lights being calculated per frame.


Radiosity is not Raytracing! Do not expect any mirrors with Radiosity.

Well than, how do you simulate shiny metal than? Do you just use Reflection map with some Specular map?

that would be a possibility. You get the best effects with GLSL. But I can’t help you with that.
Without that, you can set the texture to reflective in the UV/Image editor window. This provides a kind of reflection effect.