Game looks and problems...

when ever I set up/start up the game, I have a few problems.

1: when in any viewing mode (textured, solid, etc), faces seem to be transparent. The top of the floor disappears, and the character instantly falls to the bottom layer.

2.Textures don’t show up well. With the above problem, i see the other side of doors and things, making it look quite ugly. The same goes for the front of buildings, which with the above problem which makes them have have missing faces.

  1. It doen’t look like the render. I looked at a demo a while back, and it looked great. It looked like the render would look. mine looks all blocky and crappy :confused:

are there any settings/texture options i need to change?

(the pretty one is the render, the rest are the gameplay)


I think your see through faces problem would be a normals error. Every face in blender has a solid side and a see through side, it looks like you have them the wrong way round. To fix it all you need to do is select the offending faces in edit mode and push the “flip normals” button (its in that massive group of buttons). If you want to be able to go inside the buildings however, you’ll need double layered walls, otherwise you’ll be able to see through from the inside.

Hope that helps.

thanks! but when i go inside the buildings, a black/picture wall will be there for the character to walk though.

that is, if i hadn’t already joined the meshes :confused: