Game map/theritory from walk through real landscape

Hi all,

has anyone experimented with live recreation of models from real video landscape.
What I am trying to do is either:

  1. Like in the very old Robocop game, I want to recreate my whole street into a game. I was thinking of walking through with a camera (maybe a stereoscopic camera) and record the street (something like the google street view does).
    Out of the video, generate a …point cloud or something and have everything reconstructed and texture mapped into Blender. Or

  2. Follow a street border or a pipe or a long object with a video camera/ laser / electromagnetic sonar, sound based sonar, etc and reconstruct it in blender based on walk in or walk through (sorry I don’t know how you call this…it is not a panoramic from single point but a walk through/along basically).

Any tip, idea is much appreciated.

Thank you,