Game Map w/ a single texture?


I’m in the process of creating a game map out of a single 32x32 mesh, but now I’m wondering how I’m going to texture everything if it’s all made out of a single mesh?

I’m not sure if I’m correct, but photoshopping a single image to fit on the map with all the textures of everything placed exactly sounds impossible

I’ve UV Mapped things as simple as spheres & vases but not an entire location w/ a single texture!


Why are you trying to model it as a single mesh with a single texture?
If I were you, I would do each of them separately and texture them each separately as well. It makes the work flow a whole lot easier. I’d also make plenty of use of tiling in my textures, to make the job easier. If I needed to have a single object in the end, I would join everything together with ctrl-j. I don’t know why I would do that though.

If you are talking about making more of a single mesh for open land or something, I would use just one big mesh. I’d use tiling textures, and where I needed a different texture, I would use a stencil map to transition between two materials. I’m pretty sure the UV’s wouldn’t be very difficult to make.

very cool! Thanks

I didn’t know what stencil mapping was til’ now

I’m trying to make the whole map a single mesh for performance

That affects performance? I didn’t know that, I learn something new every day =) thanks.

haha well I’m not so sure about that yet; I’m just assuming that the less unnecessary models, the faster the computer can move

Got ya, well, it’s food for thought in any case. =) I’ll check it out someday…