game materials

where i can find tutorials or information about materials for games. I’m having some troubles with textures that when i run the game they act like they had the normal reversed and for some reason you can see them even when you rotate the object. when i render the image it works fine. I suppose you have to work different for materials for animation and materials for games but i cant find tutorial that explain the differences. And one more thing its possible to use color ramp using the normal ?

if you suspect the normals are facing the wrong way try go to edit mode, select all and press ctrl+N

As far as my knowledge goes, the ramp shaders are supported in the apricot branch with the GLSL stuff.

All sorts of things are supported in apricot, but be warned - they are very cpu intensive. Play around with turning each option on and off and note the frame rate difference.

thanks for the replays,
Sim88, i tried that but it doesn’t make any difference
J09 and 3dmedieval, so in theory i could add color ramp at the expenses of the cpu. I’m not really sure if my card(ati radeon X1050) support GLSL, because somebody in the apricot blog post about using it with the latest drivers, but when i install the latest drivers i cant run blender because it goes crazy the screen goes gray with some random stuff.
If i add color ramp i can see it in the shaded mode but if i run the game it just go solid


untitled.blend (218 KB)

Thanks a lot for this info …
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