Game Menu load save and key config first person shotter FPS

I make a new game. Its sample for good menu. (in game F1 for menu)
Its sample of Hell 3 engine. Its new standerd of Game by MiliSoft %|
[1,9 MB]

:smiley: Very cool maybe you need to add some tweaking on the guns, like a timer that allows you to shoot a few bullets per second instead of a full ammo load in 1,5 seconds. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks really promissing, I mean, nice textures, models and maybe some realtime light would be cool. 8)
Keep working on it.

Coll, very cool! But, how to save game or do anithing in the menu???


Nice!! Good start. Quite “straight”!
And clean (working) menus too.

Keep in mind, that Vertex Painting add a lot to the “texture ambiance”
at no FPS cost.

Keep working.

This is great! Good feel to it.

More gravitation maybe.

looking forward for more! :smiley:

Now working on geme editor. Its not easy but i have easy editor and now making on it

Very nicely done; great gun design (the one with the light beam thingy is neat. :Z

wow i mean wow… looks very promising!

A really promising game. I hope those bullets that I was shooting was only a test run. Lol, the way the gun was designed it’s like an Unreal Tournament gun. I was expecting this huge shot to come out of it and a recoil action, but this little bullet came out :stuck_out_tongue: .

Wow, it’s so clean so far, speed wise. Keep up the work.

Jason Lin


Download :