Game menu screenshot

So, here is something I have been working for a couple of days now. I wanted to do a bacground image when loading a game I worked on for some time now.
So on the image is a helmet in a very strange position! That is because airplanes on the picture just blew up something behind the camera so that is why there is smoke and flying helmet.
Game is as you can see about flying an airplane and shooting down everything else :o
So I was not aiming for some deep realism, just wanted something to look in between realism and ingame graphics.

Please, C&C are very welcome

Looks cool. Its hard to get constructive C&C here sometimes. So it’d be best if you have more places to go than here. Just some advice.

Its good, though the grass looks pretty bad in the distance(no offense). My one other crit would be that the helmet is too uniformly shiny. Add a cloady texture to it( with the contrast of the tex turned way up) Then set the texture to effect color and specularity. Hit the spec button 1 or 2 depending on wich one makes it so that the hat is shiny and not the cloudy part. then make it a brownish color. With some tweaking you can get a good dirty texture

Overall, great job, the planes look really nice, good job with the smoke as well. keep it up man!

looks okay, but i really dont get the impression of an explosion. i think you need some motion blur to emphasize that the helmet/leaves/airplanes are moving. and maybe make it more apparent that there is an explosion happening, some more debris ect.

ah there was an explosion! missed that…

Yeah, there needs to be more of a scorched earth effect. Maybe some smoke coming off the helmet, too. Good work, though.

Thanks for replies. I was acctualy planing on bluring airplanes and maybe smoke and stuff but I really wanted to ask if it would be better to put some kind of rifle stuck in the ground and helmet hanging from it so it wont be odd like this? Debris is coming for shure! And now I see the whole pic is a bit dark thanks to my monitor…
Smoke from helmet? Good idea! Will work on it some more and post new stuff

It’s hard to tell that the helmet is blowing away - it doesn’t seem to be at the right angle for it. Some motion blur etc. might help.