Game Menu

I’m trying to create a menu for my game…I’d like to insert parameters for modify some properties of my object…

Are there a tutorial for learn this?..or some example to study? :expressionless:

I’ve looking for this in FAQ but I’ve not find anything… %|

Thanks a lot,

that is one of the most oddly phrased sentences I have seen in a while

Ok, so do you want a main menu containing new game, continue, exit, load game, demo, intro, or something?

or do you want to be able to give the player a name or something?

to do the former:
object, with collision faces (you can click on them), for each menu item. Give it a mouse over and left mouse button sensor, pulse modes for both on (go with all pulse modes because I don’t know exactly which ones you need on), connected to an AND controller, connected to what you want that menu item to do (probably load a scene)

to do the latter:
get a text texture (I’ve got to post one of these online…)
make a plane, and apply the text texture to it
uv map the first @ symbol on the texture
press the text, and add, (and un press collision) in the paint buttons (now in edit buttons)
create a string type property named “Text” (no quotes)
create a keyboard sensor
press All Keys and set Target to Text
(start the game and you ought to be able to type into that property)

U have reason…
I haven’t been too clear…:expressionless:

I have created a little game in which an airplane moves following coordinates that r read from a file…

I’d like to have an intro scene in which I can set up the path of the file and other properties of the airplane.

Many thanks for ur tips

what sorta properties? like speed, rotation, acceleration, etc?

I have defined some int and string properties, in real time button…

I wrote a menu with python script, here u can specify the path of the coordinates file and make some other choices…but I don’t know how change those properties…

After setting those I d like to start my game…by pressing an ipotetic play button…
even if I don’t know yet how set a button for let the game start… :expressionless: