Game Menus,Need help

Hey Guys if i make a menu… for example… i want it so that u get a menu to pick ur weapons… etc… i kno how to make it but i dont kno where to place it for example do i have to place the menus on a diferrent scene or do i have to put the menu in front of the main scene camera… and make the menus invisible and ghost or something?

i tried placing the menus on a diferrent scene before… but u i cound’t send menssages to my main scene…(is there a way to send menssages trew scenes?)

ok if u got any tips for me leave a comment also i need to kno how to make menus transparent (not invisible) =D thanks guys:rolleyes:

Objects in different scenes cannot be accesed, as far as blender is concerned they don’t exist, unless they are linked. I would place the plane(s) in front of the camera then have a logic brick that switches visibility on and off.

I just muscled through the same thing. What I ended up doing is having the menu in its own scene and have it set to overlay the current scene. I used python to control what each button does. If the menu is used several places (in several scenes etc) I would recommend making it in a different scene so that you aren’t bogging down your game with a bunch of copies of the same thing. (besides, it makes it easier to manage too, especially if you end up having to change part of the menu for some reason)


the problem i had with switching visibiliti off is that…the buttons and menu goes invisible… but if u… for any reason click the spot where the invisible buttom is… the buttom still works :s

Take a look through this guys stuff, he’s got a really good setup:
Its what I based mine on. Basically the procedure is like so:

Scene1: the game
Scene2: the menu

in scene1, any object: assign a sensor (ie: Q) to pull up the menu, have a scene actuator with add overlay scene set to scene2. In the menu, have the “return to game” button set to activate another scene actuator set to remove scene2.

That way, the menu doesn’t exist in the current scene until you add it (in my example, by pressing the Q key). Then, once you’re done with the menu, that scene is removed so the menu, again, doesn’t exist in the current scene.


but for example… if i want to pick a gun on my menu… (that is on the second scene…) then it wont let me tell the other scene to add the gun that was picked…

ok i can figuere out how to do it… but 1 more thing :smiley: how do i do so that when my menu comes up… my mouse shows… and when it comes out… my dosnt show :smiley: any idea??? or tips? =)