Game model contest: vote started, for 2 days (since 05-07)

I almost forgot that the game model contest end is near us. I uploaded all the pictures to my own server before one goes offline and can’t be viewed. Anyways down here the list of users that has posted a final screen or render from his or her game model. The voting will start Monday Midday, so if people forgot to post there final render or screeny, post them here and I add them in this first post.

<— Finals —>
















I’d ask whose timezone, but is it not really an issue

anyway, I have more pics [wires, armature, and some views of the car pose] at

[I edited my other post with the link to the picture you have, but you must have missed that]

I have too a final rendering of the Kriss model:

me too

I added wisemans final picture and ofcourse the another persons lat post of there final screen or render from the another topic. The voting starts soon. :smiley:

Ok ladyes and gentleman!

Here is my entry: My character is based in a Brasilian legend called the “Curupira” a kind of “elemental”.

The native indians from the rainforesttold us that:

“It is ugly but not evil. It traps and embushes evil hunters. Because of that it has the foot turned back and eays in flame. It is considered guilty to the Curupira someone who kills whith cruelty or don’t eat what hunts.”

I hope you like! :smiley:


Mmm… I didn’t finish. I had intended to spend the weekend painting the texture but was invited to join some friends camping and kayaking at lake Eufala. It was more fun, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll finish the char soon and post it in finished works, but I’m out of the contest.

Voting has started now, don’t vote on your own model, but someone else one. And may the best win. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks JD-multi. I didn’t see the new topic until I’d posted in the old one. So instead of double posting, I just left it and hoped that it’d be found :slight_smile:

Hmm… Good to see so many great entries, there’s an amazing amount of talent in this community :smiley:

:frowning: Hey Jd … Why iam not at the list… Did you read my last post?

Sorry thorgal, I forgot you, but you are added now. :smiley:

Btw here a Exclusive Teddy animation runtime at: :stuck_out_tongue:

abracsis: Nice character and textures! Asthetically your entry is one of the most pleasing though you could use some work on your model. There are a few areas where your polygons could have been utilized better. Great work overall though. You’re one of my top picks!

dreamsgate: Your model and character look very nice. Execution of the texture map is your entry’s weak point. I don’t know much about your character but I have a feeling that he could use some more shading around different muscles to describe his physique better. For your submission you probably would have been better off turning on some realtime lights to give the texturing more depth. Nice work none the less!

friedbrain: Nice presentation. Your submission has a lot of character. Nice design and you execution looks pretty solid too. The images are kind of dark and overcompressed making it hard to read some details. Some minus points for that. Overall nice character.

gelutu: Interesting character. Looks like you are going for the toon look. If that’s the case then you need to push the art style more. Put more thought into his camo, exagerate some proportions, make his face fit the cartoon style. You lose points for his smashed elbows and blobby hands. A little more work and this nice piece could be great! keep it up.

goldentaiji: What can I say? Your presentation leaves a lot to be desired. It looks like you have the makings of a cool character but I can hardly tell by the stiff pose. Why isn’t he doing cool robot things? :slight_smile:

jd-multi: Cool character. Looks like you’re doing a lot right here. Unfortunatly you made the mistake of spending almost the same amount of polys on the tiny uzi as you did on your main character… Big no no. What do we see more of? The bear or the uzi? The gun could be a fraction of the polys and look just fine. Take those extra polys and add them to the character and he’s looking sweet.

jrt: Interesting creature! He looks pretty cool except for a few things. It looks like your character could use a healthy dose of UV mapping. The repeating scale texture really hurts the whole presentation. The fact that he doesn’t have any texture on the inside of his mouth and those spacy eyes make him look like a muppet. Lastly while this is a fantasy character you should probably make his front legs more like real life medium sized animals. Work on these areas and your beast will be much more fierce and believeable!

nor.j: Unfortunatly from the angle of your screenshots I can’t much tell what is going on here. The only thing that I can really make out is that it needs work on its UVmapping.

lizard809: Pretty nice entry. I’m a sucker for anything cyborg! :slight_smile: What you have here is fairly plain implementation of something that really could shine! First of all you proportions are off. His torso is too long and legs too short. For as many polys as he is your model isn’t very dynamic. You could build this same guy with half the polys and he’d look the same. Just look at him from the front. His parts are almost completely straight! Blah. Finally, you went WAY overboard with your textures. You could map this guy onto one 256x256 texture and he’d look the same. To sum up there’s a lot of potential here, push the design, work on your proportions, and make better use of your polys and textures!

oto: Nice looking character! Your execution looks solid. I would have recommend that you spent more polys in the joints. This seems to be a common mistake. Also it feels like you could have pushed the model a little more. There are too many spots where it looks stiff and doesn’t fit the dynamic of the whole. From the side view it looks like you could work on the proportions a little more as well. Finally, unless all she will EVER do is hold onto her pitchfork, I recommend adding a bit more detail to her hands. Overall one of the coolest characters in this competition!

wolfmanyoda: BIZARRE! :slight_smile: Its cool to see how much thought you put into your design. The modeling looks solid enough but you really could use a lot of work on overall proportions. The texture is just “there”. He could really use a lot more detail in that area. With the detatil you do have you should be using a 256x256 pixel or maybe even as low as 128x128 pixel texture map. A little polish will go a long way here!

xhyldazhk: Did I say I was a sucker for anything Cyborg? I meant anything “half naked chick”! :slight_smile: Ok so you there isn’t a lot of character here but the model looks nice in terms of overall proportions which is good since you are obviously going for that realistic look. While the overall proprtions look good, you fudged on the most important part! Here boobs sag like an old woman’s boobs! Seriously, proportionally speaking the nipples should be located about a head down from the chin. Now that I look at it, your head seems a little big as well. As with many of the models in this competition yours needs more detail in the joints. Lastly her face looks to blurry. I would suggest that you assign more texture space to the face which naturally is the fucus point for a character. A little more work an your entry will be SOUP N’ SALAD SEXY!

z3r0_d: YAY Transformers! Technically speaking you’ve got a very nice entry. That’s a lot of parts to fit into a game model. The model works fairly well as a robot and really well as a car. Nice job there. We’re this entry really falls flat is in terms of texturing. There is a lot of lost character and details due to the fact that you didn’t spend as much time on the texture as the model. I hope that you take the time to make that part shine as well.

wiseman303: Last but certainly not least! A solid looking entry! Your proportions are fairly good, the model looks nice, and the textures are pretty good too… You did a GREAT job on the UV mapping. Your nice pose helps sell the whole package. I think with a little more attention paid to use of polygons and proportion. Just a little more polish on everything, and you could have the top spot. Nice work.

Overall this has been a very solid competition! There are a lot of great models and modelers with a lot of potential! Throughout this competition I have seen one thing that needs to be addressed by all of the entrants, better use of polys. On low poly models it is especially important to consider the placemen of every polygon so you get the most bang for your buck! Great work everyone!


I’d like to thank you for addressing all the entries of the competition torque.

However there is eventually a trade off between time spent on the model and polygon optimisation. :slight_smile:


I voted for OTO. I like the style. Many good entries! ( sorry I didn’t finish on time :expressionless: but that’s just lucky for you! :Z )

now i discovered the right way to vote…

I´m writting to vote on the game contest. It´s the first time I intent to do something like this, so i hope i can do it…
I would like to vote on thorgal model, the curupira. Im a brazilian girl, (country where curupira is a legend). I liked it very much.
well, that´s it.

I must say i liked abracsis’s model the best, but wiseman comes in a close second. I wish i had actually tried for this contest, but i never got motivated enough to model anything for the contrest :frowning: . Just out of curiosity, if i want to get into modeling characters (and having fun with it) what’s the best approach to doing it well, and getting the skills needed?

Also, where was all the lighting?! A lot of the characters i thought would look sooooo much better with some lighting, even just the blender realtime lighting. How come so many people don’t use that??


Pooba. i’ll probably be posting a character modelling tutorial soon i’m writing along side a character. so it just depends on when i finish the character :slight_smile:


and people didn’t use lighting…because they are silly :slight_smile: no, probably cause they ran out of time? it is a good question. as lighting is in a way all you see when you look at something, the more natural the light the more real something will look.

I agree with Pooba about the lighting, maybe people are not using lights
beacuse it slows down the game engine, or maybe they’re running into the same problem I was getting into before I found out that you have to
put the lights in the same layer as the model that you want to receive the light(that was driving me nuts for weeks i thought my blender version
for the mac was screewy or something!) oh yeah and you have to first choose all the faces you want lit then press “W” for the drop down menu and then choose set light.

Anyways i still cant decide who to vote for its between,Z3ro-d,jrt,and Multi-D, i’m leaning towards jrt, reason is cause it’ll probably be the
only model that actually makes it to a playable game plus plus it’s one of the more original ones. When is the last day to vote?..

speaking of lights, there is this annoying bug…

when your mesh is posed in blender [gameblender seems immune, and there are exceptions I will get to later] its normals stay pointing in the same direction. this causes the lighting to become odd, it reacts to light as if it were not posed

some solutions are using subdivision surfaces [either type], and it used to even work with a subdivision of zero. [subdividing would require and cause the normals to be recalculated correctly]

so, the solutions end up something like this:
set my mesh solid
apparently set my mesh solid by using simple subdiv
use subsurfs [would look horrible on low poly models, bad at best]
apply the pose to the mesh using a python script [I don’t think most people would consider that right away]
… yeah

well anyway, I think my pics with textures had lighting, just a bright ambient 6 sun setup [which eliminated most of the details a 3 light setup would make clear]. I used this because I needed some lighting while uvmapping [to save my eyes of the strain trying to find the shape of the mesh by texture alone. [It would be real nice if it were possible to have solid-mode like lighting in textured mode so I didn’t have to create that light setup to see the shape of my mesh]