game model: cyberpunk agent

making a new texture for an old model, textures drawn in photoshop.
this new unwrappingtool in blender is the sexeh :x

Awesome stuff man.

Maybe a little more colour variation though. The grey and black only looks a little bland IMO.


any reason you are painting in greyscale? I’m eager to learn…
The painting by themselves are outstanding :o I feel that you master 2D as long as 3D skills, Eldron!

excellent Eldron that’s one of the best uv textures I’ve seen by far and I play a lot of video games, B/w sci-fi stuff is where it all started, cool 8)

great start! Basically, I don’t like when somebody says “good start”, but “great start” isnt so cool either, imo. So maybe I say “Nice going man!”
hope we’ll see the rest, too :stuck_out_tongue:

First I looked and thought: “wow, cool”. But then I saw it: “Oh, it’s eldron, well, I’m not that surprised ;)”. Goodie goodie, scooby dooby.

:Z Zorro.

thanks for the replies :P, the reason behind the grayscale thingie is that I do it b/w first, and then color it when its all done,

hmmm… yes, but why? :slight_smile:
Shouldn’t be easier to start in color because when you’ll have to turn in color you’ll have hard time converting the grey-tones to hues and colors? I’m not skilled in texture painting (just beginning with with Gimp) so I really wonder why you do this, and how you will color it. :expressionless:

it’s just another technique to use :P, Im not extremely good at colors and such so its easy to start with it in black&white

I’m not going to do just a hue-change though, there’ll be colorvariations everywhere.

Very good low-poly model!
Congrats…I wanna see this game!

struggling with colors atm…

hey great character and texturing, it dos’nt look like you are struggleing too bad :stuck_out_tongue: