game model: luna

hey this is a game characture im making for a game me and some friends are doing, it is still a wip gota add more detail and stuff to jeans ect but tell me what you think she is just under 800tris shes not rigged yet but i will get to that asap


ok, when u post a model, always put the wire, so we could see how it is done and what could be improved. As i already said for the barbarian (i think) get your hands on some Q3 meshes/skins and learn from it…even snap to it and train yourself doing it. Also learn to model with tris where it is possible, you’ll save face count.
Maybe she’s a bit flat but she needs better textures, try to find a good mapper to join your team.

keep up working :slight_smile:

thanks there alls tris

and like i said this is the second texture map iv made so im still a n00b but im getting better


hmmm… the boots are weird and she is hairy, but everything else seems fine… maybe adiust the head and hands… :slight_smile:

You might want to go back and add a second layer of detail to your uv. You missed a couple points, like the nose & naval, and you might want to draw in some shadows, too :wink:

hhhmmm its well, its good but it could be better fudge the textures seam too be stretched on the side of the model , and it seems to be dotty lol , try adding a nose onto her i mean it doesnt have to be low-low-low poly add a nose and texture that and also she hasnt got any breasts all women have something there :wink: also try making it look like the clothes are not atached to the body :smiley: . the boots are nice textures are strecthed on that too tho, try fixing the strecthed areas. care posting the texture? hope this helped :D.

AUGH! Too…many…polys…Not…enough…detail…AAAAAH! :o

ugghhh shes all bumpy!


Hi there Fudge! Don’t get hurt about this guys comments. Lemmy and Doogs for example they are so much ambitious. Lol!

You are going fine but u could try to add more “deep” too your character. For example: the texture could be used to smooth the perception of angles.

You can also use a background pic to guide you. I hate the background tool so, i usually texture a plane whith some simple sketches. Try the OTO’S page!

It has a lot of tips to achieve what you are trying.

Keep Blending!


hey thanks all and espeialy thorgal for the possitive ill try the website im really not much of a texturer so i would really like to get better so if you got any tuts that would be great thanks ill try the oto tut im prob not gonna update this ill prob make a new model becouse i get bored doing the same thing twice


Main problem is the texture… it’s just plain horrible. No offense or anything, but did you do that in paint? Also, she’s kinda flat. The main difference beetween males and females are BOOBS. Where are hers?


lol about the breast i tried to model em but couldnt get the hang of the knife tool to gimme verts to work with and im a noob 2d artist so i couldnt texture em:( and i used fireworks for the textur)

Fudge, when you do your texture, avoid using noise. Except in some rare cases, noise is evil.

Here’s some texturing links to get you started, more can be found on google. (That’s where I found these :wink: )

Other than the noisy texture, the model’s not bad, especially for your second attempt. Keep going at this rate and you’ll be turning out high quality models in no time :slight_smile:

practise makes perfect fudge! if you keep at it long enough, youll eventually be an insane game artist…erm…i mean, that your work will be really good that is…hell, you might go insane in the process too. haha, nah, j/k. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yea, you should definintly look into some texture painting/creating tutorials and you also need to practise with UV mapping your model so there isnt any stretching…i think thats your main weak point right now…the model is alright, but afterall its mainly the textures that will make your character look good. Never let the issue of game speed escape you when your modelling/texturing too…making a low-poly model correctly in the beginning with good textures can save you ALOT of stress down the road…and always remember to have ALL of your textures 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, and so on.

The main difference beetween males and females are BOOBS

no, thats not the MAIN difference pooba. :wink: but yea, 99% of the time it will be on your model…

You should also work on getting the poly’s where they need to be. You’re using too many poly’s in the arms and legs. Look here:

there’s an example of how you can get good looking models by not using too many poly’s where you don’t need them…notice how the arms and legs only are boxed shape - that they only have four edges :slight_smile:

How does Blizzard OWN so MUCH (by own i mean rule/rock/is awesome)


I’m still really suprised about the quality of there low-poly models. They are soo low-poly but soo nice textures and so nice mesh deformation when they use the armatures. I tried soo much times to duplicate those models in blender which almost succeeded. I even drawed some sketches about the mabsic modeling of those blizzard models. I know how they build them, like every model has always the same 10 first steps of extruding and so on. The technic in eaech model is the same. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m still dreaming about a Warcraft like gameproject to create in blender. Well I created a lot of models but still didn’t get started on texturing, physics and so on. :-?

The skin texture needs some blur. Also some details on the clothing would be good.

actually, maybe this model is supposed to be like for some kind of low grade 12 year old game, or meant to look like one. Maybe its a stylistic preference? I mean look at it. It’s obviously purposefully made to look this way.


hehe :smiley: