Game Model: Metal Sevens

This is for a UT racing mod some friends and I are working on.

Nice, a high poly ver would make a great F1 :slight_smile: cant wait to see this mod done.

that’s a great piece of work.
well done.

extreamly cool. I like the levitators and overall balance of the vehicle.


yeah, very nice. My major crit is that the texture could be a little more detailed: scorch marks, scratches, etc. But that’s just opinion.

Very nice design.

I agree with qwe about the textures though. Maybe a normal map as well?


I donno… those fans look awfully small to hoist a ship which looks that heavy. :-?

Aside from that and the textures, though, it’s an excellent ship :).

well, the UT v2 engine we will use has no support for normalmaps, so that won’t happen :frowning:

as for dirtying the textures, I’ll put some effort into that.