Game model -- too many polys?

Well, the title says it all. I’ve made this game model, but I’m not very experienced with making those. So is 220 faces too much for this model?
EDIT: (assuming of course there’s a whole load of other models in the game?)

whithout seeing the geometry is very difficult to judge, can you post a wire please?


220 Faces, 248 verts

Looks fine to me. :] The only problem I can see would be if you were using it with the Jedi ‘Knight 1: Dark Forces’ game engine. XD

looking at the geometry i wouldnt know how you could have fewer polys, :). ok maybe you could have less polys but i think that its enough.

Ok, thanx for the replies :]. This gives me a bit more of an idea of how I should be modeling game models. It doesn’t look like a lot of faces, but there are 220, and that sounds like a lot :].

Some games have 8000 faces as a minimum. Go figure. Why, which game engine are you using?

I’m looking at around 2000 verts for characters, less for scenery and I’m expecting that to be easy for the kind of game I’m working on - given my limited skills as a modeller more polys would be wasted on me…

Anyways, from what I can tell that’s a fair guideline for current generation games - although things like Oblivion go much higher. Depends on how long you are expecting to take to complete and what hardware you want to target.

The other thing is obviously the kind of thing you are writing- if you are going for an RTS you may want to go really low-poly so that you can cram loads of units on screen. In a beat-em-up you could go very high-poly because you’re only going to have a couple on screen at once…

Thanx for the info, guys. I probably won’t end up making a game myself in the near future, but
a) It’s good to know what people are looking for if you’re making a model for someone else’s game.
b) I just didn’t know anything about game models.
c) …maybe I will make a game eventually though…