Game model

heres a game character. its 586 faces.

havent textured it yet because i HATE texturing.

Nice model!

Don’t model the hair. Use an alpha texture on a plane for that to save polys.

Yeah, I hate texturing too. %|

now you have to figure out how to do predator vision in the game engine :slight_smile:

nice modell, i love the predator`s :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, Can’t wait until it’s textured…

Cool! For some reason I LOVE texturing, but hate rigging… :wink:

ok, ill try that!

WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?!? :smiley: j/k i think rigging is FUN!

im having fun trying to figure it out!

thanks for all the replys!

I looked all over finished projects and WIP for this lol; how did I know it would be here. Nice job. If you can figure out the vision you need to post a tut! SC has thermal vision, so its possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d hate to be wearing that guys pants ouch!!

lil low poly!

Dont be too afraid to add much polys i have made a blender game with having some objects or characters over 4 thousand polys!

And it still ran around 25-30 FPS!

It looks a little ill proportioned - those arms are a bit huge, don’t you think?

I think when making game models, modelling is the most fun. Everything else seems like a chore, until it’s time to start painting the texture.

I hate modelling!

I love rigging and texturing, though.

what is sc?
And to make thermal vision, you would have to have duplicate objects, which would dynamically adjust their Vertex colors. Or maybe just reds and yellows and green vertex colors, with the objects having mutiple duplicate meshes…


lol sorry, SC is SplinterCell. %| :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s a completely different, and MUCH more advanced engine. %|

what kind of computer do you have?