[GAME] Need Artists for a Naval Warfare Simulator (Unreal Engine)

Operation: Trident (Op:T)

Hey guys!

Myself and a small team of like-minded individuals are in the process of creating a submarine simulation that takes place during the era of the Cold War from 1948 to 1982, a completely untapped market which is heating up with new world war II indie titles such as HMS Marulken and UBOOT. It will include the major powers from the start (US & Russia) and possibly others down the road.

We are looking for some more talent! I’m posting to BlenderArtists because our art department is currently the most lacking as it includes myself and a character artist sharing the work and we need to get our demo out looking as good as possible so we can start selling early access/kickstarter.

Anyhow… If you’ve got the skills and some time to spare… we’d love to hear from you…

We are utilizing Hansoft for project management, Slack for team communications, Skype for weekly meetings and a Perforce dedicated server for version control.

All modelling is done in Blender with other software used where needed, I personally have licenses for Substance, Maya, zBrush etc.

Looking For These Talents:

  • Hard-edged Modelling Experience – Lots of machinery, but some curves can get tricky!
  • Experience with creating game ready assets (No ngons, clean topology, one continuous mesh, optimized UV’s with minimal materials)

Additional Requirements: Mature, capable people that can dedicate at least part-time hours to the project. Any previous video game design/development, programming, concept art etc. experience is a major plus and could lead to a contracted position; we will be looking for someone to lead the art department in time, but indie teams are best run with people that have multiple skills. Our original Art Department Lead ended up getting a job with a large CGI company in Canada.

Wanna get paid?! We’re an Indie Dev team… We have to succeed in order to get paid…

This is the first of at least two recruitment drives we will do before we get to a point where we can release a playable demo… Then we begin an elaborate, well- planned crowd funding campaign… That will be the first opportunity for the team to get paid after which we will self publish until Steam green-light is gaurenteed. An Unreal Development grant is possible as well, and donations from the dedicated naval simulator community.

Once we’ve released the game, the team members will receive royalties, currently we are not putting anything in writing this early but we have a business incorporated in Canada and are willing to write terms if the right team members come along. If you just want to help out for portfolio pieces and credit by all means the more the merrier. For the right person our small budget may allow the use of a company purchased copy of Substance Live or Adobe Cloud for the duration of your work but we haven’t gotten to that point of man-hours yet.

Here’s a bit more info on the project…

We are still in very early development – the best time to get in on the action!

Some of the things the game will include:
Co-Op “Battle Stations” multiplayer (you and you friends take different stations of the same submarine to accomplish a mission
– will have multi-unit Co-Op and PVP too)
Alternate History, single player Dynamic Campaign
Character-Crew-Platform – RPG elements and customization
High degree of realism, scalable to the user’s preference
Most major submarine platforms from each country

Team Structure:
Currently two co-founders and a small team:
Nsomnia - Founder & Jack of All Trades
Big Willy - C++ / Project & Team Management
SolarForge – Characters, Animation, Other 3D
Taigi100 – Logic and Shaders
AngelDFallenOne – Concept Art & Design
Blackout – Props
FilipeT – Logic

Our Website: http://www.OpTrident.com
On IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/redwater-cold-war-subsim

Wanna help or get more information? Contact me! Reply here, send me a PM, email [email protected] , skype: blendertek


Visit http://www.OpTrident.com and select “Join the Team / Contact Us” from the main menu!

(Yes I’m the creator of the BlenderTek channel)

Still have a dire need for 3D artists… graphic artists and illustrators too!

glad to be here

Hey, I just started using blender, I’m kind of getting the hang of it, I’ve been drawing for some years, https://gliggo.carbonmade.com/.
I don’t really have a 3d portfolio but, http://imgur.com/a/InkVm .
If you are willing to work with a slow guy trying to get some experience, I’d absolutely love to work with you.