Game networking with Pyro instead of XML-RPC

in 2.55 (and following to come), I wish to use PYRO (PYthon Remote Objects) to pass objects around a Python server and n Blender/Python clients… a RPC much higher level than socket, and much faster than XML-RPC, but since it is not part of the standard library, I don’t know how to access it.

When I install Pyro, it installs for the local Python, not the one coming with Blender…

Is it possible to choose the Python interpreter in 2.55 ?

Thanks in advance,


you can import the module from the python folder by typing import module_name

I think you need to set the python search path to the python installation you wish to use.

hu…, ok, where is that to be found? in 2.55 File/User prefs/file, i see nothing pertaining to Python path…