Game of Thrones Fan Art

hi all, I’m doing this art fan for a challenge on fb, what do you think?

The Dragon could use variation in the materials (inner mouth and spines is the same as the skin for example), and the teeth are a bit simplistic (simple cones without so much as a slight backward curvature).

The eyes are also blank right now, he’ll be looking like a statue until that is taken care of.

Make her eyes purple. That’s how you know a Targaryen. Also which Dragon are you trying to make? He shouldn’t be red.

I’d work on a better texture for the dragon, is that just a procedural atm? I’d sit down in texture paint mode and draw out a proper texture, then maybe use a procedural bump map over the top for scales. (or sculpt the scales, but that gets complicated sometimes).

Also, seconding @Scotchtapeworm on her eyes and dragon color. None of the dragons are yellow accents on red. Drogon is mostly black with red accents/eyes.

I do want to mention Thst her face and hair model is excellent!

Hi, thanks for all, nothing is retopologized in the image, the eyes dont have eyelids this is the reason of her expression i think now im working in the dragon whit a lot of reference, and obviously paint textures everywhere i´ll post a picture as soon as possible!!!

well y decide to remade drogon jeje