Game of thrones

Has anyone seen Game of Thrones? It is one the best fiction series I have ever watched.

If you like the series, you should read the books - sooo good, and even better than the series.

JFYI the books are called “A song of fire and ice”

I love GoT and wouldn’t miss an episode. After the series finishes, I’ll probably read the books, which is kind of backwards.

You are right , but game of thrones can’t beat my favorite movie Gladiator…which I watched once again today… :smiley:

Yeah, I agree with Safetyman. Now that I am hooked to the video, I like to be surprised with each new episode. When it is done then it will be fun to read the books. And I usually do it the other way, and end up disappointed when it ends up on the screen.

Love it especially when JB king die…

no -spoilers-

I you are going to post spoilers in the thread, please mention it in the topic.

15 year old spoilers!


Spoilers nonetheless.

I call this photo (which I scanned from a stamp) Sansa Stark

I want to start on the books, seen a fair good reviews.

I did not cry when the lion king died.

Currently addicted with Game of Thrones after The Walking Dead season was finished last month.

To be honest, i’m actually a bit late in this “Game of Thrones” party. I recently only watched “Walking Dead”. And i heard a lot that this Game of Thrones is an awesome show and it’s become the recent trend in television, as well as Breaking Bad. I’m planning to get all the seasons of these 2 shows in the near future. Can’t wait to do marathon of these shows.

creamtown, you will not be disappointed, this is a great show, with good writing and good acting. well maybe the threads are spread out a little thin, but it is fun…

Superb acting, plus stays very true to the original story without adding to it or removing from it. I feel those who have read the books have a better overall experience; I feel like I’ve actually got real people’s faces to add to the characters I’ve been reading about for a long time!

I don’t watch it, but a young lad at work loves the show to bits and was telling me that a local man had to go to court over a parking fine - so he tells me - and cutting a long story short, the man said to the court “I demand trial by combat! I would fight a clerk from Swansea and using Samurai swords as weapon of choice!”. Apparently this happened recently, and the man had been watching too much GOT, but a bit of research turned up this…

…I think he got the wrong end of the stick somehow(was GOT even around in 2002?), but it gave us all a good giggle!

I was going to splash out on the first two seasons boxset as I was looking for a Tolkien-like world to immerse myself in but taking a look on Youtube it was nothing but sex! Of course that’s bloody marvelous(Now who doesn’t love a good bit of shagging, eh?) but it was completely different from what I was really after! I’m not one for politics nor back-stabbing antics, so it was hard to get into it really. Which is strange because I love the Dune books…hmmm.

set in a fictional medieval period (similar to lord of the rings). there are kingdoms and constant backstabbing and attempts to overthrow the various monarchs (hence the title ‘game of thrones’).