Game On! WC#543

My entry for the WC #543 with the theme of “Game on”
I decided to go for a nerdish sort of person about to play chess with himself…
It isn’t perfect being that I only had a couple of hours to do it. An obvious example is the messed up uv mapping on the left chair, but the right chair looks cool, the character’s elbow is wonky, the mirror could easily be improved, etc…

1 hour rendering for 200 samples.

2 hours rendering for 400 samples.

A very open entry for the contest. The character is from the flex rig by cgcookie, the chess set is by TrueCryer, and the glasses are from sagerfrog (all on blendswap) :stuck_out_tongue: too lazy to model much.


You may not have modeled it, but I gotta admit, this it a really nice piece! I really like the mirror!

thanks, I did do the chairs, table, and timer, but they main parts were made by others.