Game on website?

would you be able to put a blender game in some type of applet so you can play it in your browser?


if i understand what you’re asking you can use the blender web plugin
or at least you used to be able to

ok thats what I was asking I hope you still can becuse im going to start a game verry soon and Id rather people play in there browser, I could also let them download it too. and thanks :smiley:


If you are going to write a game that you want to run from a web site you had better download and install blender version 2.25. The web plugin was made with that version in mine. If you make a game in any of the other version there is NO guarentee that you will be able to play it from within a web plugin on your users computer. Most likely you will not since the Game Engine had gone thru some big upgrades since 2.25 but the Web plugin is still in the same state it was 2-3 years ago. Before you start complaining remember blender is not a commercial venture any longer. All programming and up grading is being done by a group of volunteers ( In other words they do not get PAID and have real jobs with which they make a living) While there are a group of genius programmers working on the rendering engine. From what I understand there is only one person working on the game engine. And he is just trying to make it better and compatible with the other parts of blender. So work on the web plugin has come to a standstill.

For these reasons I still have blender publisher 2.25 on my computer and backed up on CD.

Umm, downloading the .blend or suggested .exe for you friends that don’t use Blender would be the best. In order for the web plugin to work, the person would have to have the Blender web plugin installed (extra waiting time to download if the person doesn’t already have it). Plus, you can read and write to external files with the web plugin. .exe’s would be the best if you’re making some games for you friends to play (if they don’t know how to use Blender).

Plus people can still get the .blend file if it’s a web plugin, :smiley: just thought I’d tell you that, but no biggy since you’re offering an alternate download of the game anyways.

Jason Lin

from the sounds of it I think im going to go with the download.