Game Optimization

so after making/creating your game and let’s say that your
game eats Max performance.

what can we do to re-render the game at a lower performance.

Could it be that it needs texture filtering or game compression.

idk i dont know. But is there a way to make it run smooth on any other
windows pc’s. for example;windows 7 or windows xp.

Both (Multitexture & GLSL)

Because i use a windows 8 pc. specs:( 8 GB ram , 64 bit , intel core i7 , Gforce Graphics card.)


srry for the tone above.

If you make each thing properly (model topology, textures, rigging, particles, physics, lighting, code etc) properly it’s unlikely you have any problems with performance. But for the people just making their first game it’s easy to get some parts wrong. If you post screenshots of your game and performance it’s likely people can pinpoint your problem.

Well you have to look at the the framerate and profile and see which parts are going max, but thats basic stuff. Some logic bricks are heavy so you need to know how to overcome them. One way is to use triggers + states + distance for the gameplay logic.

In terms of graphics:
-optimize shaders
-lower poly count (use bump maps instead)
-reduce draw distance
-reduce texture size
-use less alpha blending
-use occlusion culling
-reduce shadow buffer size
-reduce amount of lamps: bake lights
-make sure any 2D Filters are set to only run once (not on a True pulse Always sensor. This will cause TONS of lag on even gaming machines)

In terms of CPU:
-optimize logic (use states and don’t run what doesn’t need to be run)
-optimize python
-optimize physics (don’t use complex physics bounds like triangle mesh or convex hull)
-create a collision mesh for your scene and set everything else to No Collision
-make as many objects “No Collision” as possible to reduce time needed for Near and Radar sensors and Rays plus improve physics performance
-reduce your object count. Merge as many objects as possible that are static (improves scenegraph and draw batching performance).

There are lots of other things you can do. Just experiment.

use framerate and profile (render tab)
and see where is the bottleneck

usually is:
rasterizer -> (due to highpoly , trasparency, lamps, mesh animated)
logic -> (some bug in python that fill of message the consolle, or some giant for loop)
physic -> post see above
animations -> too many armatures or too many IKs constraints
scenegraph -> too many object

well thanks guys , i will try those out.