Game Over screen

Hi, Ive been working on a test game to see what the BGE can do, and I was wondering:

Is there a way to make a Game Over screen? Im not talking about sending you to another scene which works as a menu, Im a talking about the “Game Over” menu over lapping the game itself, freezing the game while it waits for the player to choose an option.

Is there a simple way to do this?

EDIT: Also, is there a way to give color to the Menu? Even though I assign materials to the letters they still appear plain white in-game.

Why couldn’t you use a game over scene, you could just take a scene and overlay it over the scene that you are on.

How can I overlay them?

You can design the menu in a separate scene and use the scene actuator to display it in front of everything as an overlay. You can read up more about it here;

make the game over scene in another scene.
in the current game scene, find your trigger for death: Ex; no HP
use the “Scene” Actuator, click the options drop down menu. hit “Add Overlay Scene” and delete your current scene that way too, if needed.
If you add an overlay, the game scene will still keep playing, so use python or logic to correct if needed

You can change the text color by changing the “Object Color” under the “Object” tab, scrolling down to “Display”. Took me forever to figure that out :slight_smile:

Whatever sensor causes your player to die, hook it up to a “Suspend Scene” actuator, and add the overlay scene.
I’ve attached Pausing Example, I’m sure you could tweak it to make it a Game Over screen rather than a Pause menu.

I tried making it specifically a “Game Over” screen with a “Try again/Exit”, but I suck at menus…
Edit: Ignore the text to the right, I had made it for somebody else

I have a scene that is for death (game over) and you can try again (game actuator set to restart, for now) or ragequit (game actuator set to quit, yet again, for now).

Pickle, Is there a way to modify this to work on a game that has a different/external blend file used to begin the game? I.e. I have a blend file with a sort of “select your level” option. If I try to use your method on the main tittle screen (blend file) it will not pause the selected level (blend file). And if I use your method in the level blend files, I get an odd effect when trying to pause the game starting from the main menu (blend file)… a pause screen flashes for a second but does not stay nor pause the game.

I guess the problem is where you declare which scene is to be suspended in the logic bricks… i see no way of referencing a scene external to the blend in which you have this set up and working? Does this make sense? I am used to speaking abstract legalease…