Game Patch????

This is for the second time I ask this?
Can somebody help me creat a patch system for appending animations and textured meshes to a .blend and save them in the file without having to open the file with Blender.
These animations and models will be utelised(action actuators, properties etc.) by an external script that the .blend file will read at the start of the runtime

i don’t get it, what do you mean?

Lets say I have already distributed a game and someone has installed it (and doesnt have Blender or carnt use it). Now I want to introduce a new character into the game. For me it will be easy since I have knowledge on using Blender but all the end consumer should do is double click on a given installer that will do the usual stuff like add a new texture to the .blend file and new meshes.How these new things will be used in the game is not the problem.
This is due to the fact that BlenderPlayer can only open one blend file at a time.

I’m not sure that it is possible. Its because all stuff is allready stored in the runtime. And ther is no other way as far as I know to change the blend content except by using Blender itself.
I thought about an other system. So i would try to keep the blend file open. That means store your Models and Animations in seperate files (not blend files) and use python to load them into the game. So you can add other characters inlc. animations to your game.

Just replace original .blend or .exe file with new one, where new neshes, characters and other functionality is added. What’s wrong with this approach?

No Problem with this I think. But what about the freedom of user modding?

There’s no universal way, how to merge two .blend files to consistent and working result file. If original .blend file was modified by user, then this user should know how to load new meshes, materials e.t.c. from patch to his modded .blend file.

Very nice idea although it will be very hard to do…

I currently work on a object database for blender. I plan to seperate mesh data and other stuff. As far as I know is there a way by using the python api to add objects to your current realtime scene. Further I know that you can modify the mesh geometry on runtime.
That means for me that you can store your mesh data in maybe a textfile (Vertieces, FaceIndexes, Textureinformation etc.) read this out via Python and create a new geometry on runtime.
So I come back to my main idea. Create an runtime where you keep the corefunctionality inside and add the Geometries by using Python. Its the way all games are done, why not blendergames too?

I work on a sample but for now I don’t get it Blender independent.

I’ts as more complicate as i thought.:-{

I would very much like to see this done XD

Yes D-Man user modding was one of the things I had in mind for this idea. I was thinking of having a (sort of stripped down but at the same time enhanced with plugins) version of Blender to attract the user to know more about this thing we love to go along with the game and give them an easy mission editor or creator for the game.
Using a text file for geometry is also a good idea and I have noticed that the MakeHuman thing does something similer.But now I want to know if there is any way that I can make a similer script or something(text file maybe…) for -most importantly - picturers for textures.I think it would also be easier to give the .blend a directory for new textures and have a script that you can write for the .blend file to recordnise but how the uv-mapping will work for wrapping the new object is where I hit a dead stop.
As for animations, I think an inport/export script would also be a good idea but all of this will kill me because I’m still a newbie to both C/C++ and python.
PS:Thanks for the response.

I tryed to find a solution for your problem. For know I can tell you that i was able to implement an importer script, that i wrote earlier, on runtime. If i use blender itself it works fine. But if i save it as runtime an error occures because the importer script is dipendend to the Blender intern Python Moduls. The GE doesn’t allow to add complete new geometries on runtime. The OGRE3D Game Engine is maybe a better solution for your kind of problem. There is an Blender exporter for OGRE and as far as I know a Testbuild with the OGRE-Engine integrated.

I’m still working on a solution.

At the moment, it is only possible through 2 different ways:

-Restart / reload the whole game
-(For textures) you could use the Blender Texture Player.