Game Physics Don't Work With...

Even with the Bullet physics I’m still getting problems. When I try to do a simple dominoe scene they spaz out on me and fly out of sight.


Also how would I simulate a bouncing ball (like a basketball)?

  • Andrew

imho you should wait for something closer to the final implementation of bullet.

use older gb versions


bullet works fine,

have a look at my tutorial in the user manual.

I didn’t use box bounds since i didn’t understand it at the time (I think i might now… but haven’t tested yet). In fact I did it on dominos so exactly what you are trying to do :slight_smile: (Note no pics yet, I wrote the tutorial as a quick summary after I figured it out, will add the pics prior to our release).



I made in my tutorial a domino scene, and I was getting the same problem. The solutions I found was to not have one domino to close from other one. Put some space between them. Also you can play with the value of the bouding sphere and apply a bigger mass. Use also the Convex Polytope bound, i think you get better result with this bound.

Feel free to use my blend files.

I did some domino scenes too, and found that issue. My impression was that the phisics engine considered them already colliding, no matter what kind ob bounds i set or what dimensions i gave to them. I had to scale up everything.

Thanks for all the help guys! Not only do I love Blender because its free, but the community is always ready to help if I or someone else has a problem!


  • Andrew

It’s good to help those guys finding bugs and put next to a fully working blender game engine version a CVS on your pc to test things out and such. I create games in 2.36/2.37 and next to that I also check out the 2.40 beta versions as well the bullet builds.