Game Physics Help

I have a character mesh and a full rig (trying to attach a .blend file but having a lot of trouble with the upload manager).

  • Is it possible to use the armature to animate and the mesh to detect collision without making both dynamic actors
  • the radius creates a sphere around the entire object. Is it possible to detect on the mesh or closer to it than on the sphere boundary

I’ll upload my .blend file and update this post.

NB: this project is my learning process, I intend to share it here when done. Big Ups!

Is it possible and even mandatory ( if you parent two dynamic objects, one inside the other, they’ll jump like a crazy horse)
The almost standard setup is to use the Armature to animate ( logic) the character mesh and carry the Actor Logic, the character object should be a “No collision” type, and parent both to a simplified object ( Cube?) that will carry all the Physics/Logic bricks
When you choose a “Bounding” type for your “Collision/Physics” object ( Box?) the “sphere radius” will be replaced!