Game physics in normal Blender

Hello - was wondering if the physics inherent in a ‘game’ can be used in normal animation - for rendering, not for gaming?
It would be great to be able to drop a ball and have it bounce by itself.

Maybe I am missing something obvious, that’s very likely :slight_smile:

I’m afraid ypur not you have to do it manualy.
(unless of corce you want to code it %| )

hello bigles,
there used to be a python script with wich you could export or something .
try a search in the python forum on this site

you could let a ball bounce, record the ipo curves and use these curves in an animation

i’m not sure the script is up to date with the current versions of blender though


I’m pretty sure that I remember downloading that script. I think I have it on my computer somewhere (can’t remember the name of it though). I was being a pack rat and thought it might come in handy someday! :smiley:

Hi !

I may be wrong, but I think that the new features or Blender 2.34 could be used. The gravity functions of particle system may be used for your animation. If you make a particle emitter parent of the object you want to drop and bounce and toggle Duplivert, this object will be affected by gravity. You will be able to use reflectors and force fields as for particles.

I have not yet used these features, but I believe it should work.

Check and tell me !


The particle deflection is nearly impossible to get working right. Your best bet is doing it manually carefully placing the ball to mimic a natural bounce.

Hi Roubal - good idea. I also thought of it, but particles give me the willies - I can never control the buggers.

It seems weird that the code is already in Blender to do physics and so forth, it’s as if one half of the app is divorced from the other!

The Game2Ipo scripts were updated for 2.3X - do a search for “Game2Ipo Blender 2.3” or someting.

I have to agree. The tease to alot of people using some commercial applications like Truspace is that the physics engine can be used for animation. If the code is there for the game engine … is it really such a leap to have it work for animation? Just a thought.

AhAh! Dyeater, I also have the right button syndrome ! Fortunately it is not lethal !


as already stated, game2ipo is the script. there is also a project called bloded, but i know little abt it. find it all in the python section.

game2ipo works fine and is really easy to use. every object with a certain property name is tracked and the physics simulation is baked to it’s ipos. sou you start the engine, watch the simulation, and press esc when you want it to stop. then hit alt+a and watch the simulation in regular blender veiwports :slight_smile: only one flaw - sometimes objects tend to flip suddenly, the author described this error more precisely - read it on his website.


It’s not even painfull actually … especially when you consider how much fun Blender is.

It would be great if greybeard/metys did a vidio tut on the new particle features

if you can’t find game2ipo give a shout and i’ll put it up.

Wow … you’ve got my vote. I think GreyBeard’s video tutorials are the “cat’s meow”. Now, how do we talk him into it? :wink:

Oh … and by the way … I posted in the wish list for 2.35 version forum a request for the physics engine for normal animation. It can’t hurt to try.