game physics not recording to IPO

sorry if this is in the wrong section, im not sure where to put this kind of thing, in animation or in games, so i put it in works in progress :confused:

anyway, i saw a video on youtube of a wooden mechanism that lifts balls gradually in stages, and it inspired me to make it in blender…so i did haha

it took me about an hour and a half to create all the objects and animate the platforms to move and rotate correctly

and i wanted to record the balls using the mechanism, but only one ball is having its physics recorded, the rest just become static props

can anyone help me with why? id like to create a small video file with this to show the guy who made the ball lifter

also, the blend file is quite large, i dont know why since im still new to blender, so i cant post it here, but its posted on another website in a RAR file
heres the link to my thread on another site, the blend file is there, posting the link saves me uploading the RAR to anywhere that will expire easily

im shocked that noone can help me with such a simple thing, in the dedicated blender help forum no doubt

no one has even re-directed me to the correct place if this shouldnt be here

sorry but what the hell

You generally wont get many replies when you are quite obviously posted in the wrong place.

I’d repost in the animation forum.

my initial post stated i didnt know where to put it
i would have thought someone would be kinda enough to tell me straight away but it seems if your new to blender you should find a different community to ask things instead of asking people who actually know stuff because theyre too high

well you know, i’ve told you now, so no need to get aggrivated